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childrens drawings assigned to monitoring


Monitoring and Reporting Progress

Most students arrive at Small Haven School with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). Occasionally this process is underway or pending. Each student is observed carefully during the first few weeks and base-line assessments are carried out. During this time staff liaise closely with the child and his/her parents/carer and Personal Learning Intention Maps (PLIMS) are prepared with specific targets which are linked to the EHCP. These targets are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Termly reports are produced for parents/carers and students and copies sent to all relevant professionals. 

Reviews of EHCs occur at least annually with the participation of all significant individuals. In addition ‘looked after’ children will have LAC Reviews and Personal Education Plans. These meetings are attended, where possible by a presentative of the school to give significant input. Our contribution to these meetings is important not least because it is an opportunity to work closely together with other professionals and agencies concerned with SHS children.