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Independent Special Needs School

146-150 Newington Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 6PT

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Small Haven School - Independent Special Needs School

Ofsted Rated Good School

Small Haven School - Independent Special Needs School


Independent Special Needs School

146-150 Newington Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 6PT

01843 597088  |  Email

Ofsted Rated Good School

Term 4,5,6 - News round-up 2019/20

By Admin
Friday, August 21, 2020

The power of togetherness

This academic year has been different to what we all expected, but we are so very proud of each and every one of our students and their resilience to this adversity. Our Small Haven community has grown stronger throughout this and we’ve still found a way to learn and have fun together even if we haven’t been together in a physical place.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank You NHS!

Over lockdown our students made some fantastic pieces of art thanking the NHS for all of their hard work.

Thank you NHS

Learning at home

It’s been wonderful to see students learning from home during lockdown. They’ve been very busy with not just work sent from school, they have also learnt valuable life skills from family such as cooking and gardening, and have had fun with arts and crafts and even learning an instrument!

We are so proud of our students and their families for adapting to such a big change.

Learning at home

Small Haven School 15 Year Celebration

On Sunday 3rd May Small Haven School should have been celebrating their 15-year anniversary with the children, their families and the staff.

Unfortunately, due to unprecedented circumstances (Covid19 pandemic) we have had to postpone the celebrations until such a time that it is safe to all come together and celebrate this wonderful achievement.

Mick & Marissa (Company Directors), wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in helping to run this small but very special school. Especially Miss White our Principal Head, the wonderful staff team, all of the professionals such as speech and language therapists, our suppliers, our consultants and everyone who have supported us.

The children and their parents & carers are the heart of Small Haven School, and they are what makes the school’s heart beat in the way that it does. They breathe life into what would otherwise be just a ‘building’ and is what makes every day a special day, and such a pleasurable and exciting place to work.

So a huge thank you to one and all, and as soon as we are all back together and social distancing is a thing of the past, we WILL celebrate Small Haven School’s 15-year Anniversary.

Sending you our best wishes and warmest regards

Mick & Marissa

Acts of Kindness Day

This year we marked Acts of Kindness Day with messages for each student from their class teacher reminding them of all of the fantastic qualities they have and what makes them so special. Mick, Marissa and Miss White also took part and organised an ice cream van to deliver ice cream to each students’ home.

Our students and families were very pleased!

Acts of kindness

Staying Connected

We haven’t been able to see each other in person recently so one of the ways we have been staying connected as a school is by playing some fun games virtually.

These have included guess the staff’s pet, guess the staff’s baby picture, and spot the difference!

Stay connected

Thanet Schools Young Artist’s Festival

Art festivalA big well done to the students who took part in the Thanet Schools Young Artist’s Festival, hosted by The Margate School. Congratulations to Charlie and Darcy who received a merit for their artwork!

Due to Covid-19, the exhibition is taking place online for now, which you can find here:

The artwork will be exhibited in the Primark building on Margate High Street between 24-28th September.


We have had a lot of birthdays throughout this time that we would usually celebrate in school. We’ve tried to make up for this and make sure each student feels special by delivering a card and a cake, as well as sending over birthday messages from staff. We also had Miss White’s birthday during this time, and we surprised her with a social distanced ‘Happy Birthday’ in our playground!

Happy Birthday to everyone who has had a birthday during terms 4, 5 & 6. We cannot wait to celebrate with you when we are able to!


SHS Talent Show

SHS Talent ShowWe were blown away by the fantastic virtual talent show entries we received from students. It was wonderful to see videos from some students who may not have entered our talent show at school before and felt a little more comfortable submitting their talent in the form of a video. Well done to every student who entered, it was very difficult to choose winners. Congratulations to Jessy for winning the talent show with her incredible singing!

Well done to our runners up Albert, who played the piano beautifully, Ethan, who did a wonderful dance, and Elizabeth, who created a really impressive and funny animation.

This year we also had staff enter for the first time, we really enjoyed seeing their secret talents which involved singing, dancing, impressions, musical instruments and magic tricks!

House Games

House Games have been a little different this year, with different ways to earn points such as through virtual games and taking part in the talent show.

Here are the end of year results below!

House games

Virtual Summer Fete

It may have been a little different to past years, but we were not going to let anything stop us from having our annual Summer Fete!

We had great fun with staff holding virtual ‘stalls’, by sending out pictures and videos of each competition for students to submit their guesses and results digitally either from home or from their class. We had plenty of things to take part in, such as a raffle, treasure hunt, memory game, guess the staff member, guess the name of the teddy, and a SHS quiz! We all missed Mick’s famous BBQ but students enjoyed a special sweets delivery.

It was great fun and we would like to thank our students for getting involved.

Summer Fete

Thank You Parents & Carers!

Thank you Parents & Carers

We would like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic SHS parents and carers. You have worked alongside us consistently from helping us prepare the children for a possible lockdown, to keeping up the levels of communication when the school was unable to open, and to preparing them to return to school.

This has played an enormous part in enabling us to help each individual student through this time in the way that is best for them.

We cannot thank you enough for your support.

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