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146-150 Newington Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 6PT

Ofsted Rated Good School

What people say about Small Haven School

Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few quotes from the Ofsted Inspector, parents and pupils.

Quotes taken from the Ofsted Report dated, 1st – 3rd March 2022

"Pupils enjoy coming to this school. When asked, some were hard pressed to think of what could be better, agreeing that they like it, ‘as it is’. Pupils are accepting of their ‘unique’ differences. Older pupils say that they are certain that the school has improved. They link the excellent behaviour witnessed by inspectors to the patience and adaptability of staff, saying that staff act with ‘lightning speed’ if pupils bring their problems into school."

"Pupils personal development is given a high priority at Small Haven. The school’s ‘learning for life’ programme incorporates sex and relationships education and is supplemented by weekly question-time sessions. These challenge pupils to understand the world around them and to explore more fully what it means to grow up in Britain. Older pupils are knowledgeable about equalities and are comfortable with, and sensitive to, the needs of others when discussing topics such as gender identity."

"The school’s wider curriculum offer is constantly evolving. This is partly driven by the needs of changing cohorts of pupils, as well as the school’s gradual expansion over the last few years. Leaders have strengthened leadership of the curriculum since the previous inspection. This includes the appointment of new subject leads and a qualified special educational needs coordinator, improving pupils’ access to the curriculum across all phases of the school."

"Inspectors found that the school’s work to support pupils social and emotional development is certainly one of its strengths. Staff understand the importance of building pupils’ confidence and self-esteem in order for them to engage successfully with learning once they are in the classroom."

"Younger pupils who are at the early stage of learning to read enjoy their phonics lessons. These are very bespoke and often delivered on a one-to-one basis. Staff ensure that the reading ability of new pupils joining the school is thoroughly assessed. This includes older pupils who may not have had the support or encouragement to read and enjoy books before joining the school."

"Pupils show excellent attitudes to learning. Their attendance reflects their enjoyment of school. Older pupils see themselves as role models for younger pupils. Classroom visits showed the school to be calm and relationships between staff and pupils to be respectful in both directions."

"The culture to keep pupils safe is strong and well established here. Routines and systems to protect the welfare, health and safety of pupils and staff are sound. Staff know pupils well and know what to do if they have concerns. Pupils who met with inspectors said that staff keep them safe in school."

Ofsted quotes on Small Haven School
Ofsted quotes on Small Haven School

Quotes taken from Parents

Parents quotes on Small Haven School
Parents quotes on Small Haven School

"For any perspective parents/guardians contemplating this school as a potential placement for their child, the clue is very much in the name. It is indeed a Haven and a very safe, secure and friendly haven at that. They are of course a school and always endeavour to educate on all levels, including social and life skills, but their endeavours go so much deeper than that and all delivered in a very relaxed, cosy and understanding environment."

"Thank you we really do appreciate all your help and for never giving up on our son. You’re one in a million all of you."

"Meeting the children’s needs whilst stretching their potent is a true balancing act and Small Haven deliver this with such thought, empathy, planning and fore-sight that the Parent, Guardian or Child are often unaware of the fact that such a well-oiled caring machine is forever ticking over and striving at all times for perfection. Yes we are of course dealing with young people who are themselves dealing with a whole spectrum of challenges, and no system is perfect because we as people are not perfect, but this school is as close as you will ever find."

"Some great news, our girl has gone to college and we have not had a phone call. She was so nervous but she went in confidently and enjoyed it. It wouldn't be possible without all your hard work so thanks again."

"They are a true paradox, they strive to push their pupils to full fill their potential but at the same time there is an extremely relaxed atmosphere around the whole school. The staff are extremely professional but they are also very human and approachable as well. From top to bottom I have only ever seen staff that are friendly and committed."

"I’d like to thank you all for your continuing support with my son, he is thriving under your care and is happier than he has been for a very long time. This progress, in part is due to the school’s therapeutic approach which has enabled my son to grow emotionally and this has impacted positively on his self-esteem. The format of the school and the dedication of the staff team, should not be kept a secret, as what is taking place at Small Haven is worth shouting about. THANK YOU ALL! Just a brilliant review and yes when a child attends Small Haven they can dream big!"

Quotes taken from children

"Small Haven School is like my second home. We’re like one big happy family."

"The teachers make me feel safe at Small Haven School. Everyone says hello and is friendly."

"The adults look after me here and I have lots of friends. Every day I want to come to school, which I didn’t at my old school."

"My favourite thing about Small Haven School is I know they will listen to me."

"The work is challenging but I understand it and the staff help me. I can talk to the adults when I’m upset or angry."

"I feel safe here because it is a small school and the staff are helpful and nice. I have someone I can talk to if I need to."

"My favourite thing about school is my friends and teachers."

Childrens quotes on Small Haven School

Quotes taken from Parents

professional quotes on Small Haven School

"All three students I supported who attended your school, had very different but very complex special educational needs. During their time at Small Haven School; each developed a positive view of themselves as learners, became more independent and confident in their learning and became more self-reflective about their behaviour/actions and how these impacts on others. The school's planning for transition to Post 16 was personable and considered, with each pupil receiving a bespoke package of preparation and support. Whilst leaving a very small school, for bigger pastures, each left with the confidence that they could go forth and succeed. I look forward to the pleasure of working with you in the future, should any of our students be so fortunate as to attend your school."

"As an external guest, regularly visiting your school for Personal Educational Plans (PEP) Meetings, I would like to commend you on the professionalism of your staff. The meetings were always well prepared for in terms of feedback on attainment and progress, as well as the emotional development of the pupil. This, combined with the detailed completion of the PEP Forms made the holistic educational needs of the student explicit to all involved."

"I have been extremely impressed by Small Haven. The welcome is always warm and professional from staff. First impressions are so important to students, parents and professionals alike and give a good indication of the care and professionalism of the provision. Your reports are of an excellent standard. They are detailed and very clear whilst your style of chairing meetings is relaxed and informative. You and your team’s understanding of and support to the children you care for is admirable. As a social worker I very much appreciate your support. Many thanks"